Gaining Advantages in Handicapped Bathroom Lifts

chair lift for stairsIf you have been contemplating Purchasing a bath lift, but you just were not sure, please keep reading to find more information regarding this useful and innovative product. You can enhance your security in the toilet, save money and spend some relaxing time in the bathtub again. A Bath lift provides a secure and comfortable way for a individual to bathe. There are lots of people that could benefit from this terrific bathroom addition like someone recovering from surgery, someone with a handicap or an older person who has sore and undependable joints. A caregiver may also benefit, since there is far less danger by using this machine than there is when manually lifting your patient in and out of the wet bathtub. The Bath lift actually works quite simply.

 Lifts are commonly one piece that you put in the bathtub. There are models that have three bits for easier portability and also the choice of reclining while bathing. Most handicap bathroom lifts can be installed very quickly and easily. You simply set the machine in the bathtub, connect the control and you are all set to go. You sit on the chair of the elevator, which is level with the edge of your bathtub. You then gently lift your legs into the tub. Ultimately, you push the right button on your remote control. The machine then lowers you to the tub. When you are finished bathing, you push another button and the machine will raise you back to being level with the edge of the bathtub. Lifts typically accommodate up to 300 lbs. Additionally, there are a number of models that accommodate up to 375 lbs. Make certain to read the weight specifications so you buy the suitable machine. You Could always restore your toilet to accommodate a walk in style bathtub, but that is time and money that does not have to be spent.

You may buy a bath lift for a fraction of the price that you would spend on house renovation. Keep in mind. Home renovation is not only costly, but it is messy and time consuming. You need to rely on contractors to complete the job as specified and it appears that there are always complications when you start tearing into walls. With this easy to set up machine, you are going to prevent all that price and hassle. When Shopping, you might want to check at the available accessories too. There are covers that you could buy for the seat base or the whole seat itself. There are headrests with wingbacks available for a simpler and more relaxed bathing experience. There is also a product called a detachable slide which makes for easier transfer on the seat. For security purposes, you may even purchase a lap or chest harness. You can never be too cautious. A Terrific resource to use if you are searching for a bath lift is online shopping. This makes it easy to compare options and decide what will work best for you. Your neighborhood home health store should also have the ability to assist if you have any additional questions.

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